Known as “Scotland in Miniature,” the Isle of Arran offers a captivating blend of rugged mountains, pristine beaches, and charming villages. This island gem is easily accessible from the mainland and provides a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

Key Highlights: Goat Fell: At 2,866 feet, Goat Fell stands as Arran’s highest peak, enticing hikers with its challenging trails and panoramic vistas. Scale the summit to witness breathtaking views of the island and the surrounding sea. Machrie Moor: Explore the mystical landscape of Machrie Moor, where ancient stone circles and standing stones stand as remnants of an ancient civilization. Unravel the secrets of this prehistoric site and feel the weight of history.

Distilleries and Local Produce: Arran is renowned for its whisky distilleries, where you can delve into the art of whisky making. Additionally, indulge in local produce such as Arran cheese and creamy ice cream, sampling the flavors of the island.

History: Arran has a fascinating history that spans thousands of years, with evidence of human settlement dating back to the Neolithic era. From Norse invaders to Scottish kings, the island has witnessed the rise and fall of empires. Uncover the stories of Viking raids, ancient kingdoms, and the island’s role in the Scottish Wars of Independence.


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