1 Day Tour – Malt Whisky and Castles

Embarking from Glasgow, our northbound journey takes us to our initial destination, The Deanston Whisky Distillery. Nestled alongside the mighty River Teith, this distillery sources all its water from this powerful river, contributing to the creation of its remarkable flavors and aromas. Notably, the River Teith also generates electricity through a series of turbines, making the distillery an environmentally friendly operation. During the distillery tour, you’ll gain insights into the intricate process of transforming water, malted barley, and yeast into Scotland’s renowned elixir – malt whisky. Immerse yourself in the experience as you have the opportunity to sample some of the whisky yourself. You’ll feel a warm and inviting sensation, a heartfelt welcome from the whisky itself, embracing you into the spirit of Scotland.


1 Day Tour Oban, Glen Coe, Lochs & Castles

Get ready for a day full of wonder on our Oban, Glen Coe, Lochs and Castles tour

Loch Lomond

On our Oban, GlenCoe, Lochs and Castles tour we begin by setting off from Glasgow, we journey northward, heading towards the enchanting “Bonnie, Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Scotland’s largest Loch, spanning an impressive 71km² (27mi²). Along the way, we offer a chance to pause and enjoy a light refreshment. So, if you are still feeling a bit groggy and need to shake off that morning drowsiness, you can grab a coffee and a bite to eat. When we stop your knowledgeable driver-guide will point out the majestic Ben Lomond. This impressive Munro, standing at a height of 974m (3193ft), holds the distinction of being Scotland’s most southerly Munro. You will get the chance to stop and take in the views of both Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond.

Rest and be thankful

We’ll make a brief stop to relish the breathtaking views at the famous ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ mountain pass. Its name evokes ancient times when weary travellers would pause, rest, and express gratitude for conquering the arduous ascent.


We’ll take a pause in Inveraray, a quaint Argyll town that serves as the residence of the Clan Campbell’s Chief and his family within their 18th-century castle. Additionally, you’ll find a 19th-century jail and courthouse nearby, along with a selection of whisky shops to explore. You can also look out and admire Loch Fyne which is a tidal sea Loch.

One of the most photographed castles in Scotland

I am talking about Kilchurn castle which is a mid 15th centuary castle. It sits right on the banks of the longest fresh water Loch in Scotland, Loch Awe. It measures 41km (25 miles) long, it has a backdrop of stunning mountains. It’s exactly what you would imagine Scotland would be.

Arrive in Oban

Oban is renowed for it’s amazing seafood so why not try some when you are here or choose from another Restaurant to get some delicious Scottish scran (Food). Why not climb upto McCaigs tower which is steep but for your efforts you will be rewarded with amazing views over Oban bay.

Castle Stalker is next on the list, this little castle sits right on its own wee (little) islet on Loch Laich, we will stop for a few pictures of this beautiful castle.

Glen Coe

As we journey deeper into the magnificent Scottish Highlands, traversing the awe-inspiring Rannoch Moor adorned with its breathtaking lochs, our path leads us to Glencoe, a place of profound beauty shadowed by the haunting legacy of the Glencoe Massacre. Here, amidst the grandeur of majestic mountains and haunting glens, you’ll delve into its somber history and witness the iconic Buachaille Etive Mor, standing tall at 3351ft (1021m). The landscape is truly otherworldly, echoing the stories of a bygone era that still resonate in this breathtaking wilderness.

Drovers inn

On our way back down to Glasgow we will visit the Drovers inn for some refreshments, whisky’s, maybe some Scottish beers whatever you fancy the Drovers inn will have it. If you look out the back of the Drovers inn you will see a massive waterfall in the distance, it’s quite surreal.

We at Craicin Tours know you will enjoy this Oban, GlenCoe, Lochs and Castles tour.

1 Day Tour Rosslyn Chapel, Melrose Abbey and The Borders

Embarking on our journey eastward from Glasgow, our first official stop awaits us: Rosslyn Chapel. Founded in 1446 by Sir William St Clair, this historic chapel gained worldwide fame through Dan Brown’s novel, “The Da Vinci Code.” Step inside and be amazed by the multitude of ancient carvings, each with its own intriguing story to tell. The pillars within are especially captivating, leaving visitors in awe. Delve into the myths and legends surrounding the chapel, including tales of the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. Continuing our adventure, we make our way towards the scenic Scottish Borders, characterized by its undulating hills, winding rivers, and picturesque streams. Our destination is the renowned Wallace Statue, situated near the border between Scotland and England. This iconic monument stands as a sentinel, ever watchful over our English neighbors, prepared for any potential conflict. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your picture taken alongside this legendary Scottish hero, while soaking in the breathtaking surrounding views.

1 Day Tour – Scottish Wars of Independence

Experience the Epic Scottish Wars of Independence Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through Scotland’s storied past with our Scottish Wars of Independence Tour. Departing from the vibrant city of Glasgow. This day-long adventure will take you on a historical odyssey, immersing you in the events and personalities that defined Scotland’s struggle for independence.

Dunfermline Abbey – Burial site of Scotland’s greatest king.

Our first stop is Dunfermline Abbey, a place steeped in the legacy of King Robert the Bruce. This solemn abbey serves as the final resting place of Scotland’s national hero, Robert the Bruce. As you explore the abbey’s tranquil grounds, you’ll feel the weight of history surrounding you, making it the perfect starting point for our tour.

Stirling Castle – The most besieged and important castle in Scotland.

Next, we journey to Stirling Castle, a remarkable fortress that played a pivotal role in Scotland’s history. Perched atop a volcanic hill, Stirling Castle offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Inside, you’ll step back in time as you wander through grand halls and discover the stories of kings, queens, and nobility who once walked these ancient corridors. The castle’s strategic location made it a coveted prize in the Wars of Independence, and its role in shaping Scotland’s destiny is unforgettable.

The National Wallace Monument – A great vantage point for defeating the English.

Continuing our tour, we visit The National Wallace Monument, a towering tribute to Sir William Wallace, the legendary Scottish knight who fought valiantly against English oppression. Climb the monument’s 246 steps, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning vistas of the Stirling countryside. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of artifacts and exhibits detailing Wallace’s heroic deeds.

Bannockburn – Where the fight for Scotland’s independence really accelerated.

Our final stop is the historic battleground of Bannockburn. Here, you can walk in the footsteps of the brave Scots who fought under the leadership of Robert the Bruce, securing a landmark victory in the struggle for independence. The visitor center offers an immersive experience, bringing the Battle of Bannockburn to life through interactive displays and engaging storytelling.

Glasgow – After feeling what these Brave Scots did back in these unsettled times.

As the day draws to a close, we return to Glasgow. Our hearts filled with the indomitable spirit of Scotland’s heroes. The Scottish Wars of Independence Tour is not just a journey through history, but a chance to connect with the resilience, courage, and determination that define the Scottish character. Join us on this unforgettable expedition, where every step tells a story of valor, sacrifice, and the enduring quest for freedom. Book your seat today and be a part of Scotland’s epic past.

2 Day Tour – Arran

“Scotland in Miniture”

We are going on a journey to the captivating Isle of Arran, often referred to as “Scotland in miniature.” This name stems from the island’s ability to encompass all the beloved aspects of mainland Scotland. From red squirrels to majestic stags roaming the forests to castles, beaches, whiskies, local beers, ales, and don’t forget its world famous cheeses.

Ayrshire’s west coast

We will make our way to Ardrossan on Scotlands west coast where we will board the Scottish Calmac ferry, bound for Brodick, our first stop on the isle of Arran. Upon arrival, we’ll visit a fantastic seaside café, offering breathtaking views of the Ayrshire coast. Here, you can indulge in a delectable meal and enjoy a hot or cold drink. A word of advice: the Scottish breakfasts at this café are absolutely divine, with generous portions and mouthwatering haggis—truly an experience not to be missed.

Brodick Castle

Once you have had an amazing breakfast we will continue up the coast to the famous Brodick castle. It sits at the foot of Arran’s highest mountain ‘Goatfell, which stands at 874m (2867ft). The castle that we see today was built in 1510 with the walled garden being completed 200 years later in 1710. The castle is made up of a beautiful Red sandstone not the usual brown/grey stone that you would perhaps expect.

Famous Arran Cheese

The Isle of Arran is famous for its cheese world wide, the whole world has heard of this symbolic cheese, with so many different flavours and varieties, which one’s will you try? Perhaps them all! When we are here there is also a famous place next door that sells fragrances of Arran in the form of soaps, shower gels, bathbombs etc. These are some of the nicest things you will ever smell. They are really good!


We arrive in the largest village on the island for a lunch stop, there are a good few places here that will be sure to whet your appetite, all within walking distance of each other. You will definitely get to try some amazing Scottish cuisine!


This is the largest and oldest Iron Age fort on the island dating back 10000 years when its first visitors would have arrived and lived, hunted, farmed and worshipped here.

Lagg Whisky distillery

We now have a chance to visit one of only 2 whisky distillery’s on Arran, did you that the Isle of Arran distillers is the only whisky brand in the world allowed to use his name and image on their bottles? Robert Burns was born in Alloway, a stone’s throw away from the west coast of Scotland where he could of looked over and saw Arran.


Day 1 comes to a close, we will head back to your accommodation where you can relax and get your dinner and a nice pint of Arran’s own beer or a wee dram of Whisky. You may even decide to go and see more of your surrounds with a beach walk, it’s truly beautiful, you won’t want to stay in!

Culzean Castle and garden

1 Day Tour – Culzean Castle, Burns country and Ayrshire coast

Discover the rich tapestry of Scottish history and culture on our captivating Culzean Castle Burns Country and Ayrshire coast tour departing from Glasgow. This full-day guided tour takes you on a journey through some of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks, offering a blend of historical significance and natural wonder.

Turnberry castle ruin – Robert the Bruce’s birth place

Our adventure begins with a scenic drive south from Glasgow to Turnberry Castle, a place of great historical importance. It was here, in the heart of Ayrshire, that the legendary King Robert the Bruce was born. You’ll have the opportunity to explore what’s left of the ruins of this medieval fortress and immerse yourself in the stories of Scotland’s heroic past. Gaze out over the rugged coastline where you will see Ailsa Craig to the south west and if you look directly west you will see another of our tour locations, the Isle of Arran otherwise known as Scotland in miniature.

Culzean Castle

Continuing our journey, we head to Culzean Castle, a jewel of Ayrshire. Perched dramatically on a cliff overlooking the Firth of Clyde, Culzean Castle is a masterpiece of Georgian architecture. Its stunning setting and lush gardens make it a photographer’s dream. Inside, you’ll find an array of lavish rooms, each filled with historical treasures and art. Delve into the paintings to uncover their inherent truth. The castle also boasts a fascinating history, having once been the home of the Kennedy family. It now belongs to an incredible charity, the National trust for Scotland which looks after many properties all over Scotland.

Magic road

Leaving Culzean Castle behind, we pass through the enigmatic Electric Brae. This natural phenomenon is a gravity hill, where a car seemingly defies gravity by rolling uphill. It’s a fascinating optical illusion that has baffled visitors for centuries.

Robert Burns birthplace museum

Our next stop is the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, a tribute to Scotland’s national poet. Here, you’ll gain insight into the life and work of Robert Burns, one of the most celebrated poets in the world. Learn about the poet’s enduring legacy. With an extensive collection of over 5000 manuscripts and countless other artefacts associated with Robert Burns. The museum stands as the foremost custodian of Robert Burns memorabilia worldwide. We will also see a few other landmarks from the great bards poem, Tam O’Shanter.

Return to Glasgow

As the day draws to a close, we’ll make our way back to Glasgow, taking with us the memories of a day filled with history, natural wonders, and the indelible spirit of Scotland. This Culzean Castle, Burns Country, and Ayrshire tour promises to be an unforgettable experience that you will always remember.

Burns Cottage, Alloway, Ayrshire

1 Day Tour – The Life of Robert Burns

The Life of Robert Burns tour.

Village of Alloway

Embark on a captivating journey through time on our “The life of Robert Burns Tour”. Explore the enduring legacy of Scotland’s cherished poet Robert Burns. Our “Life of Robert Burns” tour begins in the picturesque village of Alloway, where the Bard of Ayrshire was born on January 25, 1759, in a humble cottage. Step back in time as you wander through the cottage where Robert Burns spent his formative years. This charming village provides the perfect backdrop to explore the early years and influences that shaped his poetic genius.

Locations from the Poem Tam O’Shanter

You will get the chance to explore one of Scotland’s most famous bridges. Made famous by the Robert Burns poem Tam O’Shanter. It is also in this very poem that you come across the Auld Alloway Kirk (old Alloway church). This is where Tam sees the witches and warlocks dancing around the fire in which the devil himself is present. We will also visit renowned landmarks like the Burns National Monument and the Burns Birthplace Museum, delving into the life and works of Scotland’s beloved bard.

Exploring other parts in Ayrshire

Once we leave Alloway we journey throughout Ayrshire where you will discover the picturesque landscapes that inspired his verses. Our Scotland tour takes you through more of Robert Burns historical sites, immersing you in the rich tapestry of Scottish culture and heritage. As we travel through the breathtaking Scottish countryside, you’ll experience the very essence of Scotland that ignited Burns’ creative spirit.

Dumfries, Burns final years

Our tour concludes in Dumfries, where we pay our respects at his final resting place. Join us on this captivating Scotland tour and let the poetic legacy of Robert Burns enchant your senses. Our odyssey through the life of Robert Burns concludes in Dumfries, where he spent his later years and found his final resting place. Pay your respects at his mausoleum and reflect on the enduring legacy of this literary giant, whose works continue to resonate with people of all ages.

Inveraray Castle

1 Day Tour – Castles Kirk & Lochs

Prepare to be amazed on our Castles, Kirk and Lochs tour

Heading north from Glasgow on our Castles kirk and lochs tour our first stop is Doune Castle, a 14th-century fortress. It was commissioned by Robert Stewart, the Duke of Albany, who served as regent to three Scottish kings. This castle gained fame for its appearances as Leoch Castle in the TV series Outlander and as Winterfell in Game of Thrones. Notably, it also served as the backdrop for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a fantastic comedy film. It also served as the Douglas castle in the film Outlaw king.

Loch Lubnaig

We will now stop at Loch Lubnaig for some refreshments. The name Loch Lubnaig translates to crooked Loch. If you look at a birds eye view you will see why such a name was picked. The Loch has a cabin which you can purchase drinks and snacks as well as toilets.

Rob Roy McGregor

This is the final resting place of the famous Scottish folk hero, Rob Roy McGregor, people say he is a real life Robin Hood, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. He joined the Jacobite army in at the age of 18 along side his father. After the Jacobites were defeated he became a respected cattleman.

Kilchurn Castle

Get a chance to see the one of the most photographed castles in all of Scotland. It  was built in the mid 1400s and once belonged to the fearsome Campbell’s of Glenorchy and was their base for 150 years.


We will stop in Inveraray a small town in Argyll which is home to the Chief of the clan Campbell. He and his family reside at the 18th century castle. There is a 19th Century jail and court house just up from the castle and of course there are a couple of whisky shops.


We will lastly visit this small village on the banks of Loch Lomond giving you amazing views of the largest Loch in Scotland!


We know you are going to enjoy the Castles Kirk and Lochs tour and can’t wait to see you there for a Craicin day!

Urquhart Castle

1 Day Tour – Loch Ness, Glencoe & The Highlands

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime on our Loch Ness, Glencoe and the Highlands tour.

Departing from the vibrant city of Glasgow. This day-long Loch Ness, Glen Coe and the Highlands adventure will take you on a historical odyssey, immersing you in the wonders of the Highlands, the majestic mountains of Glen Coe, deep lochs and the most famous one in Scotland, Loch Ness. Will we see the Loch Ness monster today? Let’s find out, lets go.

Loch Lomond

Setting off from Glasgow, we journey northward, heading towards the enchanting “Bonnie, Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Scotland’s largest Loch, spanning an impressive 71km² (27mi²). Along the way, we offer a chance to pause and enjoy a light refreshment. So, if you are still feeling a bit groggy and need to shake off that morning drowsiness, you can grab a coffee and a bite to eat.

Glen Coe

We venture deeper into the magnificent Scottish Highlands, traversing the awe-inspiring Rannoch Moor adorned with its breathtaking lochs. Our path leads us to Glencoe in the Scottish highlands. Here you will witness the grandeur of majestic mountains and haunting glens while delving into its somber history. Among the area’s renowned peaks stands the iconic Buachaille Etive Mor, soaring proudly at 3351ft (1021m). Just wait until you behold its magnificence firsthand—the scenery is truly otherworldly!

Urquhart Castle or Fort Augustus

A thrilling decision lies before you! We can opt for a pit stop at Fort Augustus, where you’ll relish a delightful lunch while marveling at the boats navigating the canal. Feeling adventurous? You can even embark on a Loch-faring escapade aboard a boat, enjoying lunch with stunning Loch views.

Alternatively, we can journey to the renowned Urquhart Castle, an iconic medieval fortress and Scotland’s 3rd most frequented castle. Here’s the extra perk: you can physically connect with Loch Ness within the castle’s confines, providing an intimate encounter with the legendary Loch. Should the Loch Ness monster grace us with its presence, this vantage point offers the ultimate front-row seat for the spectacle!

After lunch

Prepare for an exhilarating journey as we embark on an adventure heading south towards the vibrant city of Glasgow! But here’s the best part: our route is sprinkled with numerous captivating photo opportunities that will leave you in awe.

One of our stops is the charming and picturesque town of Pitlochry, a place that seems to have been frozen in time since the Victorian era. While you’re there, you’ll have the chance to indulge in delicious snacks and refreshing drinks, all while immersing yourself in the town’s quaint and historical atmosphere.

As we continue our expedition, we’ll traverse the stunning Perthshire countryside, where rolling hills and lush landscapes unfold before your eyes, painting a vivid and breathtaking picture. We then head to the vibrant city of Glasgow, where adventure and excitement await around every corner. Get ready for an unforgettable journey that will ignite your senses and leave you with cherished memories to last a lifetime!