Glen Coe

Nestled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Glen Coe is a breathtakingly beautiful glen known for its dramatic scenery and historical significance. With its towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, and steep-sided valleys, Glen Coe offers a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers.

Key Highlights: Hiking and Mountaineering: Glen Coe is a haven for hikers and mountaineers, offering a variety of trails catering to different skill levels. From gentle walks through glens to challenging ascents up the iconic peaks of Buachaille Etive Mor and the Three Sisters, there is a route for everyone.

Filming Locations: Glen Coe’s rugged beauty has made it a favorite location for filmmakers. Recognize scenes from movies such as Harry Potter and James Bond as you explore the glen, stepping into the world of cinema. Historic Massacre Site: Learn about the infamous Glencoe Massacre of 1692, a tragic event in Scottish history. Visit the Glencoe Visitor Centre to understand the story behind the massacre and its impact on the region.

History: Glen Coe’s history is etched with tales of clan rivalries, Jacobite uprisings, and ancient landscapes shaped by volcanic activity. Delve into the past and discover the stories of the clans that once roamed these lands, as well as the geological wonders that give Glen Coe its distinctive character.


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