2 Day Tour – Arran

“Scotland in Miniture”

We are going on a journey to the captivating Isle of Arran, often referred to as “Scotland in miniature.” This name stems from the island’s ability to encompass all the beloved aspects of mainland Scotland. From red squirrels to majestic stags roaming the forests to castles, beaches, whiskies, local beers, ales, and don’t forget its world famous cheeses.

Ayrshire’s west coast

We will make our way to Ardrossan on Scotlands west coast where we will board the Scottish Calmac ferry, bound for Brodick, our first stop on the isle of Arran. Upon arrival, we’ll visit a fantastic seaside café, offering breathtaking views of the Ayrshire coast. Here, you can indulge in a delectable meal and enjoy a hot or cold drink. A word of advice: the Scottish breakfasts at this café are absolutely divine, with generous portions and mouthwatering haggis—truly an experience not to be missed.

Brodick Castle

Once you have had an amazing breakfast we will continue up the coast to the famous Brodick castle. It sits at the foot of Arran’s highest mountain ‘Goatfell, which stands at 874m (2867ft). The castle that we see today was built in 1510 with the walled garden being completed 200 years later in 1710. The castle is made up of a beautiful Red sandstone not the usual brown/grey stone that you would perhaps expect.

Famous Arran Cheese

The Isle of Arran is famous for its cheese world wide, the whole world has heard of this symbolic cheese, with so many different flavours and varieties, which one’s will you try? Perhaps them all! When we are here there is also a famous place next door that sells fragrances of Arran in the form of soaps, shower gels, bathbombs etc. These are some of the nicest things you will ever smell. They are really good!


We arrive in the largest village on the island for a lunch stop, there are a good few places here that will be sure to whet your appetite, all within walking distance of each other. You will definitely get to try some amazing Scottish cuisine!


This is the largest and oldest Iron Age fort on the island dating back 10000 years when its first visitors would have arrived and lived, hunted, farmed and worshipped here.

Lagg Whisky distillery

We now have a chance to visit one of only 2 whisky distillery’s on Arran, did you that the Isle of Arran distillers is the only whisky brand in the world allowed to use his name and image on their bottles? Robert Burns was born in Alloway, a stone’s throw away from the west coast of Scotland where he could of looked over and saw Arran.


Day 1 comes to a close, we will head back to your accommodation where you can relax and get your dinner and a nice pint of Arran’s own beer or a wee dram of Whisky. You may even decide to go and see more of your surrounds with a beach walk, it’s truly beautiful, you won’t want to stay in!