1 Day Tour Rosslyn Chapel, Melrose Abbey and The Borders

Embarking on our journey eastward from Glasgow, our first official stop awaits us: Rosslyn Chapel. Founded in 1446 by Sir William St Clair, this historic chapel gained worldwide fame through Dan Brown’s novel, “The Da Vinci Code.” Step inside and be amazed by the multitude of ancient carvings, each with its own intriguing story to tell. The pillars within are especially captivating, leaving visitors in awe. Delve into the myths and legends surrounding the chapel, including tales of the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. Continuing our adventure, we make our way towards the scenic Scottish Borders, characterized by its undulating hills, winding rivers, and picturesque streams. Our destination is the renowned Wallace Statue, situated near the border between Scotland and England. This iconic monument stands as a sentinel, ever watchful over our English neighbors, prepared for any potential conflict. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your picture taken alongside this legendary Scottish hero, while soaking in the breathtaking surrounding views.