Adrian’s story

The man behind Craicin Tours – Adrian’s story of good and evil.

My name is Adrian and this is my story. I live in Ayr, a large coastal town in the Southwest of Scotland. I’m married to my wonderful wife, Laura and have two craicin boys. I was born in Irvine, and raised in Kilmarnock by my mum and dad who saved my life when I was only 10 weeks old. I was beaten as a child and hospitalised all in this short space of time I’ve been alive. They really did change my life for the better, who knows what would have happened to me or who I would become if I wasn’t adopted and welcomed into my loving family. I often ask: Would I still be alive today?

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur and someone wanting to build something great from nothing and be able to call it mine thus the idea for Craicin Tours came along. I have had quite a varied working life, starting out as a school leaver working for Vauxhall as an apprentice but I knew it wasn’t for me. I then did jobs like working for SGN, QTS and more recently working for Blackwood Plant Hire as a machine operator but I knew I wanted more. It was in 2020 during lockdown that the idea for Craicin Tours was born. Ever since, I have worked tirelessly to make my dream of running my own business, gaining the knowledge needed to be a first-class tour guide, and going through the motions of developing a website and social media, gaining my bus license, and pulling everything together becoming a reality.

Proud to be Scottish

I am a very proud Scot that loves everything about Scotland, well nearly everything, the weather can be a pain in the backside during the winter but in the same sentence if we didn’t have the weather you would have no magnificent waterfalls or some of the fast flowing rivers. Scotland has some of the best fishing rivers in the UK and it has definitely got the cleanest water for drinking in the UK. Everyone always comments on how amazing our water is and they are not wrong. I can show you some of the best spots to see the rivers and waterfalls.

I am perfect for showing you Scotland

I would love to be the one to show you around and teach you all the things you want to know about Scotland and I guarantee you will have good fun and loads of laughs along the way. I can also guarantee that you will be a little more Scottish when you finish any of our tours, that is because I will teach you how to speak the Scots Language and also help you understand how Scots communicate with each other. I’m going to break the language down for you, slow it right down and we’ll be conversing in Scots in no time!

A massive thank you!

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read about the business and my story – I am ever so grateful! I look forward to you investing your time with me on my tours. Lets have an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.